Romantic Gifts For All Occasions

Gifts That Don't Come In A Box

When you think of romantic gifts you may think of lingerie or perfume. They make nice romantic gifts but sometimes a non-material gift can be even more special. Spending uninterrupted time together doing something enjoyable can be a gift. Planning a special treat for your loved one takes some thought but can be memorable and romantic.

Treat your special someone to a day of relaxation by creating a spa at home. Pamper him or her with a facial, pedicure, and massage. Buy facial masks, moisturizer, foot scrubs, and massage oil. Create a peaceful setting by turning on romantic music and lighting some candles. Make some appetizers and open a bottle of wine.

Take advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer. Have a picnic under the moon and stars. Select a nice location such as the beach or a lake. If you can't travel anywhere your backyard will work. Fill a picnic basket his favorite foods. Bring a CD player and a blanket to snuggle up under. Send the kids to Grandma's or the sitter's for the evening. Dance under the stars. If the weather won't cooperate move your picnic inside in front of a fireplace.

Romantic gifts which are a surprise are particularly meaningful. Surprise her by planning a day off together. If possible arrange the day off with her employer so it stays a surprise. Plan a day full of activities for just the two of you. Sightsee in your city, lunch at a little outside café, book a couples massage, or go for a boat ride. Get creative.

Make giving romantic gifts of time together a regular occurrence. Its shows your significant other you are thinking of him or her and will help keep the spark in your love life.