Romantic Gifts For All Occasions

Romantic Anniversary Gifts

You made it a year together and you want to celebrate with romantic gifts for each other. Whether you are celebrating a wedding anniversary or a year of dating chose a gift that celebrates how you feel about each other and your future together. If money is limited you can make a gift or plan an evening out together for your romantic gifts for each other.

The symbol of a first anniversary is paper, so why not put your hopes and thoughts about your life down on paper for your loved one. Write a poem about what your partner means to you and how you look forward to the future together. If you're not a poet make a wish list of the things you want to do together in life such as travel or buy a home. Romantic gifts which celebrate your future together can be special and mean a lot to your partner.

Keeping with the paper theme for a first anniversary give tickets to an event you know your partner would like to attend. Go see a play or concert together. Remember romantic gifts include the gift of time with one another. If money is limited discount tickets for shows and events can often be found online or in the newspaper.

Pictures can last a lifetime and hopefully you took your share during your first year together. Make a picture collage of your first year together. Find photos from various occasions and times you spent together. Select a pretty frame or put photos together in a scrapbook with captions underneath.

If you're celebrating a first wedding anniversary skip exchanging romantic gifts and instead plan a trip. It could be the honeymoon you never took, or recreating the honeymoon you did have. If you can't afford a vacation away consider recreating your first date together. Go to the same place you did on your first date. Reminisce about your first year together and all you hope for in the future.